The Bible + Legos = Awesome

You know how it happens.  You used to have some seriously awesome lego creations, but ever since they’ve been taken apart, you don’t have the time or energy to put them back into their original designs.  So you’re left with thousands of foot-slicing little building blocks with nothing to do.  Then it hits you.

I love the Bible.  I like Legos.  What if?

Enter The Brick Testament.  An entire visual Bible built in Lego. Share it with your kids, but preview it first. There is always room for artistic interpretation, and I found a few required a little conversation with my kids to explain. (The Holy Ghost is a little awkward.)

Some of my favorite Christmas scenes:

Luke 2:7
Luke 2:8

Luke 2:16
Matthew 2:9
Matthew 2:11

How cool is that?


  1. I found this a few years ago and loved it. There are some pretty graphic scenes of nudity and blood though, glad I looked before sharing it with any kids!

    1. Yea, some of that caught me off-guard too. I think the one that made me laugh most was Joseph holding a sword to circumcise baby Jesus!

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