Your Vacation is NOT a Sabbatical

There’s great wisdom in learning from guys who are no longer “young pastors,” but seasoned vets who have great wisdom and insight for us. In today’s post, Darrell provides some clear insight into what your vacation should and should not be.

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I have never really given it much thought before but while on vacation recently it hit me, your vacation is not your sabbatical. There is a difference. In the past I have always returned from my vacations tired and missing that “refreshed” feeling so many people talk about. This time however, I have really rested and do indeed feel refreshed. I gave some consideration to what has changed; why was this time different?

In the past I have always taken a great amount of time to read, to pray, to think, and to focus on things related to the church while on vacation. The result, I never really disengaged. This time I did no reading, only light devotional praying, and really gave no thought to the issues of the church. The result – I feel refreshed and renewed.

Sabbaticals are times that our churches should give us to do extensive reading, to plan, to set goals, and the like. Our vacations should not be used for this. After 14 short years in the pastorate, I just realized this.

Vacations are not sabbaticals.

How do you know if you are mixing up the two? Ask yourself this question:

How many books are you dragging along on vacation?

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