You Can Change

In my journey as a reader, I’ve come to a fairly strong conclusion that books – specifically books that deal with any sort of sanctification – are not quick reads. If one can read through them in a hurry, it would seem evidence enough that they are not convicted enough to chew on words and phrases, while genuinely considering what changes God would be calling them to make.

Tim Chester‘s book, You Can Change is one that requires a frustratingly slower pace of reading because of it’s primary task – to provide more than the impetus or inclination to change, but to provide and encourage genuine, Gospel transformation. In it, the author provides a wealth of Biblical counseling and encouragement, and displays evidence time and again of the power of the Word of God in motivating, inspiring, creating, and empowering us to sanctification.

It would be a difficult book to review, due in part to my effort in reading it not for consumption, but for transformation – not for knowledge, but for change. And so I will humbly do this:

I give this book my highest recommendation.

If you have come to trust my perspective. If you have come to appreciate the theological musings that I tend to post on my blog. If you grow irritated by them. I recommend this book.

Read it. And discover the power of Christ to create change in you.

You can order it here.

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