Why I Hate Black Friday

Some of the folks who follow me on twitter and facebook questioned as to why I have such a disdain for Black Friday.

Very simply, because we knew it was moving in this direction.

The easiest explanation is that our the greed and gluttony of our society has become deadly.  Black Friday shoppers are no longer human, they’re animals that, regardless of where they’ve shopped, have all contributed to the system that has now caused a loss of life.

What could make this justifiable?  Corporate marketing has taught us that it is normal to stand in line outside of a store at three in the morning.  Corporate marketing has taught us that we need to do whatever it takes to save $50 on a 50″ TV, $101 on a new Mac.

Some lower income families feel that they have to participate in Black Friday in order to give their children a “big” Christmas.

Now, as a parent let me clarify that I want so much for my kids on Christmas morning.  I love to watch their faces light up.  We used to go all out.  My wife counts presents to ensure that everyone has the same number of presents.  I want my kids to develop that sense of awe and wonder each Christmas.

So I don’t necessarily have it all figured out.  But, be careful what you associate yourself with.  This 34 year-old man had a family.  And all the presents in the world under the tree will not compensate for his absence.  Maybe he had kids and a wife.  But we know he’s someone’s son.  So, for those of you participating in Black Friday this year, take a look at your son or your daughter Christmas morning, and think about what savings to you would be worth their life.

Rant over, but the disgust remains…

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