While passing through the valley of tears

Charles Haddon Spurgeon:

Travelers are always delighted to see the footprints of others on the barren shore ahead, and we love to see the evidence of fellow pilgrims while passing through the valley of tears. These pilgrims may dig the well, but strangely enough, it gets filled from the top, not the bottom. We may use the well, but the blessing does not spring from it, for it is heaven that fills it with rain. A warhorse may be prepared for battle, but safety is of the Lord. The means may be connected to the end, but the means does not produce the end. As in [Psalm 84:6], the rain fills the pools so that they become useful reservoirs for the water. The labor to dig the wells was important, but it would have been useless without God’s divine work in sending the rain.

Look Unto Me: The Devotions of Charles Spurgeon

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