When I got stressed…

When I got stressed, I used to play golf (or just pitch and chip in the backyard if I couldn’t play 18 holes).

I used to take my Jeep off-road (especially to the beach).

I used to drive around neighborhoods and just look around.

I used to go workout.

I’m officially at the most stressful, strained place in my life and I’m not doing any of these. While all of them may be helpful (and I really should take up working out again), none of these options give the grace, hope, and help of God’s Word.

That is where I go and am refreshed. All of the other options leave me wanting because they only provide a break from the moment. God’s Word gives more than a break. It offers perspective, life, encouragement, and wisdom.

What did you “used to” turn to before you fell in love with God’s Word?

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