What’s Your Drum?

here are few things more powerful than knowing what you’re all about.  So many pastors/teachers/leaders spend all their time copying the passions of others and neglect the journey of discovering their own.  We scream words like missional, attractional, incarnational, Gospel, and community, but it’s been my experience that if everyone is passionate about the same thing – no one is.

Now, I’m not denying the importance of all of the above, but I think it’s worth the effort to discern our own particular passion.

We all need our own drum to beat

“But how do I figure out what that is?”  I remember sitting in a dusty church-office begging another staff member to help me figure out what God was calling me to do.  Her response – however simple – was profound enough to provide amazing insight and direction for my life’s calling.

What gets your blood pumping?

Rather than looking for an example to follow (apart from Jesus) – rather than looking for a speaker to mimic – rather than electing to wail away on someone else’s passion – take the time and figure out what your drum is.  Grab your drumstick.  And hit that drum as loud, as long, and as hard as you can.

What’s your drum?


  1. Right now it is teaching our kids about missions. SOmeone from our comm. comes in once a month to talk about our missions offering, and sometimes an activity. I like to tie things into missions when I can, and talk about other missions when possible–at Summit we got some Kimbima (sp?) hospital silly bands and I hope to get some for my kiddos!

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