What would you change?

We’ve all done it. We’ve sat in the pew (or padded seat for modern church folks) and thought about that one thing – that one thing you would change about your church. Of course, you suddenly felt convicted that you had become distracted from worshipping, and were more concerned about the choir, the choir robes, or the stucco walls.

What if we gave you that chance here? If your church approached you, and gave you full permission to make any change you desired in your church, what would it be?

Obviously, take care not to make this a rant against a person (especially if they’re the other person that reads the blog), but let your creative (and perhaps critical) nature run free, if only for a moment.

Once you’re finished, you’ll feel better – and maybe with your thoughts off of your chest, you’ll be able to focus a little better next time.

So, what’s the first thing?

Image by trrill

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