What Should Church Planters Remember Daily?

This is my last heist from the Acts 29 post that got me thinking so much this week.

What should pastors (especially church planters) continually keep at the front of their minds each day? I think we would do well to post this somewhere we will see repeatedly throughout the day and every day; on the back of our office door (one day I’ll have an office again), next to our desk, in a drawer, on a mirror, etc.

1. Make Jesus look good because he is. Your job is not to make yourself look good.

2. Walk in the light. Come under the influence of a small group of older, wiser guys who can ask the hard questions.

3. Pursue humility. Pride is the primary motivator for a guy to plant a church (I can do it better)

4. Repent well. If you don’t model repentance, your church won’t repent.

5. Turn your critics into coaches. Most criticism has some modicum of truth. Ignore garbage; receive truth.

6. Choose to believe that God is both sovereign and good.

What would you add? What would you edit?

I’m curious.

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