Krista and I went on a date night tonight and had a blast. We ate at Montana Mike’s (which apparently uses the same decorator as my mother) and went to see Wanted.

My princess, queen-of-the-house wife who hates blood and gore absolutely loved it! Whereas I was concerned that she might want to walk out, she was completely engaged in the movie.

There is a key scene (a training montage, development scene) where the main character is asked a simple question. “Why are you here?” It took a while for him to give the correct answer, but eventually it came out. “I want to know who I am!”

He did not understand or know who his father was, and as a result had no idea who he was or what he was capable of. We are no different. Without an understanding of our Creator, we have no idea why we exist. That is the major premise of Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven Life that gained so much notoriety just few years ago.

When we take the time to spend time with Jesus, we learn where we came from, and we begin to discover why we exist. The answers we seek can only be found in Him. Spend some time with God and discover why you were created.

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