W.A. Criswell on Atheism

A hop-toad and a lizard were watching an express train hurtling by in West Texas. Said the hop-toad: “There are fools who believe somebody made that train. Nonsense! It just happened of itself.” Said the lizard: “And there are fools who say the thing is run by a locomotive engineer. Such stupidity! It runs by itself.” A sand flea overheard the learned discussion between the two, climbed upon on corner of a railroad spike and said: “Some fools say that there is a man called a president who is at the head of the railroad. Such gross credulity! If there is a president of this railroad, I defy him to come and strike me dead!”

God ignores the whole senseless travesty with the one comment, “The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God.” Nothing else is added. Nothing else is said. Nothing more in the whole BIble. The atheist believes like a fool.

An atheist never gave an intelligent answer to the vast mystery of the universe. He never gave meaning to a man’s life on earth. He denies intelligence, will and personality in creation. He only sees a blind, fortuitous concourse of atoms that created themselves, shaped themselves, and finally produced our minds and souls, without reason, without purpose, without destiny.

In Defense of the Faith by W.A. Criswell

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