Tithing Objection #4: I want to give where it’s needed

I’ve heard this statement from many well-meaning churchgoers. “I have no problem giving my money, I just want to make sure that I give it where it’s needed.” Thank you. Before I say anything else, thank you for having a generous and discerning heart. But we need to ensure that you truly understand what you’re saying.

You see, first, it’s not your money. God gives you the ability to earn wealth (Deut. 8:18). Every good thing is from the Father above (John 1:17).

Second, you’re stating that you have either a.) no faith in God to direct HIS money where it needs to go, and/or b.) no faith in the leadership of the church where you would tithe to seek God in order to create and utilize funds.

If your issue is with God, I would encourage a heart-check and a thorough meditation upon who you think more of: you or God. If your issue is with your church’s leadership, the answer is very easy. Go to another church. Go where you trust and can support the church-leadership.

But do not refuse to return the tithe to it’s rightful owner – God – because you can’t trust anyone else with the blessings that God has entrusted you with.

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