Tithing Objection #2: We’re Strapped

The second objection to tithing that I’ve heard goes something like, “I would love to tithe, but after looking at my budget, there’s no place to cut enough to return 10%.”

Is this really an objection? Or is this just a statement of the situation that a lot of us find ourselves in?

There are some that due to current market and economic factors find themselves in a situation where they simply can’t make ends meet. These are not necessarily the types who make this argument most often. And to them, I would encourage them to find someone to help them work through a debt-reduction program in order to balance the ship again.

But for those who don’t give because they’ve overspent due to ignorance or a lack of discipline, I would laugh at the thought that this is a good excuse. Try that with your credit card collectors. “I can’t play my balance, because I have too many bills.” See how that works for you.

Stop spending money you don’t have. Invest a little money in taking a money management course in order to get your finances in order. But don’t continue to use your overspending as an excuse to continue to rob God.

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