Thursday Thoughts

This year, I chose to start a new Christmas tradition. I began reading Christmas sermons by the Prince of Preachers, Charles Haddon Spurgeon, on each Saturday in December. This act guarantees a few outcomes:

  • I am constantly humbled as a theologian and as a preacher.
  • I am often given insight to some passages that I may not have seen before.

This past Saturday, I read the sermon “Joy Born at Bethlehem,” delivered December 24, 1871. And as I think about the message that I’m preparing for this coming Sunday on the gift of eternal life, my mind keeps coming back to this quote:

The God who made you, and against whom you have offended, has come down from heaven and taken upon himself your nature that he might save you.

Jesus, who is eternal, set aside his nature and clothed himself in humanity, and was born so that we could inherit eternity. We cannot fathom the depths that Christ went to in order that we might live.

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