Thursday Thoughts

This has been a crazy week preparing for my second Sunday teaching in this series. The scheduled topic is the nature and character of the Triune God. Let’s just put it this way, there are easier topics to teach, but not any as exciting.

This week, I read an unpublished essay on the subject of the Trinity by Jonathan Edwards (considered by many to be the premiere American theologian) over at the Resurgence. Here’s what he has to say regarding the Trinity:

I am far from pretending to explaining the Trinity so as to render it no longer a mystery. I think it to be the highest and deepest of all Divine mysteries still, notwithstanding anything that I have said or conceived about it. I don’t intend to explain the Trinity.

The beauty of the Trinity is that it is shrouded in mystery and beyond our grasp of comprehension. We believe the words of Scripture, because they are the authority and means by which God has elected to reveal himself to us. And that which we do not understand, we seek more illumination by God’s Spirit and we trust in faith.

Thursday Thoughts is a series of posts where I post a link or a quote that deals specifically with the topic that I will be tackling that evening. Can you think of any other links that might enlighten me in regards to this week’s topic? Please share links in the comments.

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