Three Lies that will Paralyze You

I read Marcuse‘s three lies that dominant power structures construct to keep society under control this morning.  I believe these are the same lies that hold Christians hostage and keep them from taking a stand and changing the world around them in the power of Christ.

  1. The lie that things are too big, too complicated, too advanced for any sort of change to be possible.  In the life of a believer, this is the thought that the world, the city, another person is too far gone to undergo the transforming power of the Spirit – as though it’s complexity is impervious to the strength of the Gospel.
  2. The lie that if you try to change things, you will pay the price financially – that you will actually be worse off and won’t be able to enjoy your current quality of life.  This is the concept that hinders many Christians from tithing or giving to their local church.  This lie is important to catch for two primary reasons: (a) it places quality of life over the calling of Christ, and (b) it assumes that Christ’s call will have a negative affect on one’s life.
  3. The lie that if you do step out of line, people will mock you and laugh at you – making you a fool for following Jesus.  This lie can only become reality if one places their reputation or society’s perception of that person above that of Christ.  The truth is that while Ezekiel and Hosea looked foolish to those seeing them, ultimately they find approval in Jesus and God the Father, not their audience.  That said, I think it would be a stretch to believe that Jesus is calling you or me to cook our dinner over excrement (Ezekiel) or to marry a prostitute (Hosea) so what exactly are we worrying about?
We need to stop allowing these lies to restrict us and prevent us from stepping out on faith.  These lies aren’t new at all.  They are the very lies that have been told from the beginning.  What lies are you believing that is keeping you from completely following the call of Christ on your life

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