Thoughts on Jesus and Tea Parties

Tuesday of this week, my wife and I were invited to a tea party at the capitol here in Austin. Within about 2 minutes, we realized that this was not going to be a quaint, enjoyable time sipping tea. This was an anti-tax rally.

These are certainly crazy times it seems. Everyone is upset about the bailout, the recession, I hear talks of socialism, fascism and even communism (apparently though not by anyone who really knows what those words mean). Everyone is in a frenzy. But I’m not, and I’ll tell you why.

Before I am republican, or Texan, or American, I am a follower of Christ. And that means that this broken world is not my primary home. I am a permanent citizen of heaven and a temporary citizen of the US. I don’t have to panic about recession or economic decline. And I refuse to put more passion behind my political views than the cause of Christ.

My great fear is we would think more, work harder, and emphasize this vapor that only exists in a blip of eternity than we would Christ’s redemptive work in humanity.

So call me when they organize a rally against hell. I’ll be there with my water pistol.

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