5 Ways Churches Should Think Like Church Plants

Last week, Brandon Levering posted five ways established churches should think like plants. I thought it was brilliant. Statistics show that the vast majority (some studies cite upwards of 80%) of those coming to Christ, do so in churches under 3 years old. Perhaps there’s something inherent about their status as a young church that others can learn from.

  1. Church plants clearly define their mission and keep it before them in everything they do.
  2. Church plants feel an acute sense of urgency to engage in evangelism.
  3. Church plants tend to better understand the culture they’re engaging.
  4. Church plants use a wider portion of the congregation in service.
  5. Church plants are more likely to think strategically about planting more churches.

(Read the entire post here.)

Let’s flip the title for a second though, and ask this (because it’s a healthy question to ask):

What are some things that church plants can learn from established churches?

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