There is a Bible Belt!

Some of you have wondered, like I have, “Why do we call it a Bible belt?” “Where exactly is it?” “Do I live in the Bible best?”

The answers to these questions may be answered by a recent Gallup poll.

Now, admittedly, the question asked during the poll was, “Is religion an important part of your daily life?” If they’re going to proclaim that this “proves” a Bible belt, I wish they would at least consider asking a question that makes some mention of Christian, Jesus, or – I don’t know – Bible. But based upon my travels and conversations, this map seems to be fairly accurate.

It looks like a belt across the southeast. Texas is the buckle. Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, etc. are apparently the muffin-top. Where do you live? Would you agree with the map or have an objection? I’m curious…

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