The World-Tilting Gospel

There is absolutely nothing in this world as important as the gospel.

Even as I write that statement, I can see how some would criticize it as either overdramatic, overly simplistic, or overly polemic.

But regardless of anyone’s criticism, that statement rings true. If we get the gospel wrong, a Christian is not a Christian. If we get the gospel wrong, a church is not a church. If we get the gospel wrong, we get everything wrong.

And yet somehow, in spite of the importance of a clear gospel understanding, defining the gospel seems to have become a fuzzy task. Pastors, authors, and bloggers talk of living the gospel, displaying the gospel, and even “gospeling” one another. And yet, even in those terms they fail to nail down what that gospel actually is – which speaks all the more to their lack of understanding of it.

Fortunately, there are authors responding to the state of our generation. There are authors passionate about defining and declaring what God has done. And there are books such as The World-Tilting Gospel being written to help clarify what believers should know, but often don’t.

In The World Tilting Gospel, Dan Phillips leads the reader through a Biblical bootcamp, helping them to grasp onto a God-centered theology.

One of the common knocks on Calvinists is that they tend to be extremely “heady” (spending more time worshiping with their mind than their heart). Phillips writes in manner that is faithful to the Scriptures, accessible to anyone, and crystal-clear in it’s definition of the gospel.

It’s one of those books that you’ll after you’ve read it, you’ll want to get a copy of everyone you can think of.

The World-Tilting Gospel by Dan Phillips

And for a brief time, you can pick up the Kindle Edition for free!


  1. Thanks, David! You caught a great aim of mine. I pray the book will be useful to many believers, and also that pastors will find it a good tool for extending their ministry.

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