The Limp of Leadership

Nobody likes disappointment. Nobody appreciates a good punch in the gut. Bad news is never a good thing… or can it be?

I wonder, sometimes, why following God and pursuing his guidance leads to such pain. And yet, then I go back to the Scriptures and see that no one has done anything meaningful for God without facing some sort of challenge and struggle.

Jacob wrestled with God and walked away with a limp, but also God’s blessing. Joseph was chosen by God for greatness, but his brothers sold him into slavery – which actually provided him the opportunity to rescue Egypt first, then his family. Moses’ own people challenged his leadership multiple times – before leaving Egypt, at the Red Sea, at the promised land, and multiple times wandering the wilderness!

Matt Carter from Austin Stone shared with the Austin area church planters last week never to trust a man of God who doesn’t walk with a limp. Our struggles, our disappointments, and our failures resonate throughout our lifetimes by forcing us to grab onto the hem of Christ’s cloak, much like the woman in the crowd, and refusing to let go.

In the end, you will either succumb to the pressures and disappointments of these moments and quit, or you will cling to Christ, remember your calling, set your jaw, and go back to work. You’re either called or not. Without a calling, you will not survive.

Paul and Silas were imprisoned for sharing their faith; planting churches. They were told to cease and desist all activity as they were being released from prison. Their response was simply, “who should we obey? God or man?” When we know that God has called us to something, we know the answer to that question.

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