The Kid Update

Micah (my 6-year-old) has had an interesting last couple of days. Yesterday, the students at his school were allowed to dress as what they want to be when they grow up. I was unable to find an astronaut costume, so he went to school as a pastor.

He put on his Real Life Fellowship t-shirt (that he was baptized in), grabbed his Bible and his journal and went to school as a pastor. When the students got the opportunity to share what they wanted to be and what that consisted of, Micah stood and explained the drawings he has placed in his journal. As he explained who Jesus was, and what Jesus offers us, his substitute teacher told him he wasn’t allowed to talk about Jesus in school.

I have explained to Micah that he did nothing wrong, and I have an appointment with his principal in order to discuss the ramifications and details of the law in the state of Texas. I’m not going in to rant and rave and throw my hands in the air, but simply to act as a reminder of what the law is and to ensure that all teachers (including substitutes) are up to date in regards to what the students (even kindergarteners) are allowed to do.

A little prayer there would be great!

And tonight, Micah dressed as Frank Sinatra for the kindergarten’s presentation at the PTA meeting. He lipsynched “New York, New York” and did a great job. I’ll probably try to get that on some time this week. You should have seen the black slacks, with the white shirt, and skinny black tie.

Ally took her pictures at school today in her Easter dress. It’s frilly, and pink, and she looks like a princess (pictures soon, I promise). The highlight of her week was shopping with Krista for dresses. She got the Easter dress AND a little blue number to wear when we take a family picture. She’s already such a little girl. Oh, and she’s reading her Bob books. At this rate, she’ll read at a first grade level before she even begins Kindergarten.

Caleb is, well, Caleb. On time change weekend, he managed to learn to climb out of his crib. I learned of this as I was watching TV one night and saw a little green flash in front of my eyes. We then put him in his crib and watched him climb out. Now, Micah and Ally never climbed out. They slept in the crib until they were two. But even though he won’t turn two until May, he’s mobile. Oh, and if you ask him for something, he no longer replies with “uh huh.” He now answers in the affirmative, by shouting “hooray!”

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