The Hope of the World…Even Haiti

This Sunday, we’ll be finishing our STUFFED series where we explore what God expects of our stuff. One of the major points this weekend is that what we often view as a minor and insignificant contribution makes a difference even in the greatest needs. This is true of the loaves and fishes in John 6, and it is true of Haiti as well.

It seems that every organization has jumped on the relief effort in Haiti. It would appear that everyone is asking you, begging you, calling you, jumping on television in an effort to persuade you to give towards relief in Haiti.

With that in mind, I wanted to bring to your attention Churches Helping Churches, which is an organization that has been created specifically to help rebuild destroyed churches, and the Church in Haiti. Because it is the Church that is the hope of the world. It is the Church that shares the hope of Christ in the darkest of circumstances. And the goal of Churches Helping Churches is do just that.

So as you consider giving (or even giving again), make an informed decision about where to give. I’ve already posted 14 different organizations to consider giving towards. To be clear, I’m not posting these recommending them as the place you give, but to give you solid organizations that will ensure that your generosity not be wasted in bureaucracy or red-tape.

Regardless of where you give, the important thing is that we respond as the Church – the Hope of the world…even Haiti.

Check out this video by Churches Helping Churches

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