The Hole in our Gospel

In The Hole in our Gospel by Richard Stearns, the author and president of World Vision describes the void that has been created by a Christianity that has altered and weakened the Gospel. He shares his story, and those of so many others, whose lives have not only been transformed by the Gospel, but by those who seek to live that Gospel out.

I had a difficult time staying involved with the book at the onset, but as soon as I reached Part 3, I couldn’t put the book down. It’s easy to be detached in sections describing the definition of the Gospel, after all, I’m a pastor, this is something I talk about constantly. But when confronted with the statistics and stories of the state of things beyond our church properties, I became sick to my stomach.

And that is my hole. It’s become so easy, so natural to focus on and worry about me and my needs, and in the process failing to remember that the primary distinction between myself and them is simply my place of birth.

This book should come with a warning. Definitely worth a read, but don’t read it unless you’re ready to be challenged.

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