The Day I Missed Ed Stetzer’s Phone Call…Twice!

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Just before Christmas, Ed Stetzer shot out a twitter, inviting pastors who were looking for prayer, encouragement, or advice to give him their phone number. Obviously, as a young pastor, I jumped at the opportunity to gain some wisdom, and sent mine to him promptly.

Twenty minutes later, I had already forgotten. (I’m sure it had something to do with a brand new baby, four other kids, and family in town.) My phone rang, and I spent the next 30 or 40 minutes talking with our church’s youth pastor. We covered a host of topics – each feeling significant enough to not bother clicking over when my phone notified me that an “Unknown Caller” was beeping in… twice.

Now, for clarification, I never answer a phone call from an unknown caller. I haven’t ever since a few frustrating nights several years ago when I was the target of several teenagers with too much time on their hands. Unknown always gets sent straight to voicemail.

And after I hung up with my youth pastor – feeling good about our conversation and what we had discussed – I checked my voicemail only to hear Ed Stetzer’s voice. TWICE!

So, Ed, if you’re reading this. I apologize for not clicking over. I appreciate all that you do and are doing, and hope that we connect at some point. (Seriously, you have my number. Call me.)

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