Tests and Other Sadistic Practices

Today, I sat down and determined to explore some leadership assessments.

Spiritual Gifts Assessment:
I discovered that I have equal parts gifts of Evangelism & Encouragement primarily.  Secondarily, I have equal parts gifts of Teaching, Prophecy, Creative Communication, and Leadership.  Consequently, I am the weakest in the areas of Helps & Giving.
Ministry Preference Assessment:
Apparently, I am more of an Organizer / Revitalizer than I am an Initiator or Developer.  That came as a surprise to me, I would have pegged myself as an Initiator / Developer.  That certainly caught me off guard.
Leadership Style Assessment:
I am a Body Leader, but followed closely by Divine Authoritarian, then People Pleaser, then Submissive Servant, and finally the Passive Paralytic.  Basically, I’m much more of a leader by balancing servanthood and authority, but I definitely will tend to lean towards authority rather than servanthood.
DISC Assessment:
And just in case you were curious, I am an Influent, Dominating personality.  This would be the equivalent of an Otter, Lion in the Smalley, Trent language and a Sanguine, Choleric according to LaHaye.
To those of you who know me well, what do you think?  Did they nail it?  Or is it wrong?
What do you think you would be?  I’m curious.  Hit the comment button.

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  1. That surprises me too about being an initiator. I went for testing and evaluations in November.

    They told me I was a Phlegmatic and that I was a creative. I learned a lot. And I think they nailed it.

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