Sunday Rewind

This has been an incredible week! Take a look at the rewind.

  • We saw over 100 people this week at Crossroads! Things are starting to get exciting.
  • We had over 30 kids in our children’s ministry. We’re already starting to need more children’s space!
  • Be on the lookout for some awesome changes at Crossroads over the next several months! We’re already dreaming, planning, and praying.
  • Kevin Johnson and the worship team did a great job this week leading us to the throne of God! We’re so blessed as a church to have so much talent leading us.
  • We had over 30 visitors (many first-time visitors) join us this week at Crossroads. THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ME AND EVERYTHING TO DO WITH GOD DRAWING PEOPLE TO HIMSELF!
  • This week we explored the Doctrine of the Trinity and how it impacts our lives.
  • The essence of the Trinity is self-sacrificial love.
  • Not only are we invited to share in this love (which is amazing enough!), but we were created to mirror this love!
  • Lots of meetings and conversations already planned this week.
  • Did you hear? The COWBOYS WON!
  • Be praying for the leadership over our children’s ministry, first impressions, and assimilation teams. We have a lot of work to do and need God to give us the direction to go.
  • This week, we said that a super-easy way to show self-sacrificial love and prefer someone else’s need above your own was to serve in the church.
  • We need more people to serve on our children’s team
  • We need more people to serve on our first impressions team
  • We need more people to serve on our setup / knock-down team
  • We need more people to serve on our assimilation team
  • Crossroads, the more time I spend with you the more honored I am to be your pastor and your friend.
  • Next week we’re discussing the Gospel. Don’t show up alone. SERIOUSLY! If you do, you will spend the rest of the week wishing someone you know would have heard what we’re talking about!

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