Sunday Rewind

Happy Mother’s Day!

  • This was the first Sunday since becoming your pastor that I was in the service, but not preaching.  I have to say, there’s a lot less pressure when you’re not prepping a sermon.
  • Crossroads, we’re blessed to have guys like Pastor Jeff Mullen who are more than capable of preaching God’s Word
  • We dedicated three children from two different families to Christ and I love it when we do that!
  • The parents are committing to raising their children in a Biblical home stoking their hearts with Jesus’ love and the parents prayers and the church is committing to joining in them in that venture – praying for the children, while encouraging, equipping, and supporting the family.
  • God bless our mothers.
  • I’m so grateful for the mothers in my life – my mother who never gave up on me even in my most ornery moments, my mother-in-law who raised a wonderful daughter and continues to encourage us as we take crazy steps in the name of Christ, my step-mother who loves my hero (my dad) with all her heart, and my wife who will be a mother 4 times over very soon!
  • Moms, we celebrate you this week!  Thank you for birth!
  • And thank you God, for continuing to change lives and gift us rebirth.
  • Now, hopefully Krista will go into labor.  Can’t wait for Haddon to get here!

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