Sunday Rewind

  • Holy smokes!  Please tell me you didn’t miss this weekend!
  • There’s so much happening, I don’t even know where to begin.
  • Our new Crossroads Kids ministry environment is flipping cool.  The excitement level of our children and our leaders is ridiculous.  Seriously!
  • The new Crossroads Cribs ministry area is incredible!  We are committed to sharing Jesus with each child that comes to Crossroads, and the best way to do that is for church to be FUN for them!
  • We went to the bullpen with our worship team this week, and Brian Hickey and the Locke family killed it this week!  Way to go guys!
  • In this week’s message, we explored the sober, somber truth of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross.
  • If we as believers can relate to anyone in the story of the crucifixion, it’s Barabbas.  We’re the guilty ones who are set free by Jesus’ condemnation.
  • And while we know that resurrection is coming, we can’t truly appreciate the joyous celebration of Easter until we understand the sacrifice of the cross.
  • This Sunday marked our highest attendance since I’ve been the pastor at Crossroads and the energy of the day was evident from the moment you stepped in the door.
  • I’ve said this from day one folks, this is not normal.  This is a move of God.
  • This church is awesome!  I challenged you to gather 3,000 eggs for The Great Hunt and you responded by giving somewhere around 4,000!  You guys are AWESOME!
  • And to think that this is only the week before Easter?!  Can you imagine what God’s going to do next week?!
  • Don’t forget, this week is “all hands on deck.”  There are no casual observers who regularly come to Crossroads this week.
  • If you consider this your home church, jump in and find a place to serve.
  • Easter is Sunday! Get ready!
    • 8 AM Setup (including stage, Crossroads Kids & Cribs, Hospitality, AND The Great Hunt
    • 9:45 The Great Hunt kicks off – (we have just under 4,000 eggs!)
    • 10:30 The Crossroads Easter Worship Experience
    • 12 noon: Baptism Celebration outside

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