Sunday Rewind

Have a great Spring Break!

  • I love the team I serve with at Crossroads!
  • This was an unusual week, but God showed up in a crazy-powerful way.
  • Our setup team didn’t miss a beat this morning and made it on time without a hitch.
  • Well, except that we were delayed 30 minutes because the person with the keys forgot to set their clocks ahead, but it didn’t matter.
  • Abby and the worship team stepped up in a great way this morning (and they even let me sing a song too!)
  • This morning, we explored that missional living in the church means so much more than getting your needs met.
  • Missional living is, in fact, COMMUNION, not consumption.
  • And while we affirm that the sacraments are “neither necessary or sufficient for salvation,” we also affirm the beautiful picture of the Lord’s Table in the life of the church.
  • Communion prompts us to: remember, examine our hearts, and look forward.
  • Are you committed to the Church of Jesus Christ?
  • Are you committed to this particular church, Crossroads Friends Church?
  • How does that play out in your life?
  • Are you bringing the tithe? serving with your time, energy, and passion?
  • People are coming to faith in Jesus Christ.
  • God is doing something in our community.
  • Hang on Crossroads. There’s more to come!

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