Blogging Resource: Starting Over – A Manifesto on Being Yourself

I don’t often blog about blogging anymore – primarily because, quite frankly, I am extremely self-conscious about it and don’t particularly think I’m very good at it.

Persistent, sure.

But good?

Not really.

Michael Perkins is.

He discovered a formula that worked for him, gained his site traffic, and made him much more famous friends than yours truly.

And yet, it left him feeling unsatisfied and boxed-in. His writing was coloring-by-number when he wanted to create.

So recently, he took a big step
and blew his popular, well-commented, widely-read blog up. He purchased a new domain, set up an entirely new site, and sought to be more genuine. More unique. More (dare I say it) real.

And in his new (free) eBook, Starting Over – A Manifesto on Being Yourself, he tells his story and provides the encouragement that you might need to scrap it all – all the pretense and pretend – and start over.

Every blogger needs to read this.

Seriously. Stop what you’re doing, take the jump, and give it a read.


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