Some things weren’t meant to be understood in this life

I was reading Bible Doctrine by Wayne Grudem recently, and in his chapter discussing the Trinity, I was struck by this quote:

It is spiritually healthy for us to acknowledge openly that God’s very being is far greater than we can ever comprehend.  This humbles us before God and draws us to worship him without reservation.

I suppose the thought that continues to haunt me, is that in our attempts as pastors to make God comprehend-able, have we created an altogether other god who doesn’t capture the hearts and minds of those we teach?  Do we actually do a dis-service to those in our care when we fail to present the Trinity in it’s fullness and majesty?


  1. I think we are doing a dis-service if we are not presenting to the best of our abilities. I can’t help but think of Deuteronomy 29:29 when I read that quote.

    1. That’s the wonder of the Trinity. It’s explained in Scripture, but it’s so “other” than anything we can comprehend. I just wish we didn’t try to pare it down to a shamrock, phases of water, or personalities. Every metaphor we try to use falls short.

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