Snowball Jesus

Last night it snowed in Austin. It will probably be completely melted before the sun comes up, but there was about 3″ of slush left when I left the apartment this morning. Of course, I walked outside at 3AM, so it might as well have been last night.

Anyway, driving through the Texas snow (which basically means slush), I had this thought. “Wouldn’t it be nice if it snowed enough to build a snowman?”

My idea was, if it we had the snow to build snowmen, it would feel like Christmas, because other than Santa Claus, what is character or personality represents Christmas more than a snowman?

It’s strange how my thoughts betray me that early.

Jesus. Jesus represents Christmas more than a snowman or Santa Claus or reindeer or elves or anything else you can think of! It’s about Him!

I’m not the kind of person that cries “foul” every time the mainstream media mentions “holidays” instead of Christmas. I’m not boycotting Santa or snowmen or presents. But, I am more than aware of my own propensity to miss the point.

We are too easily blinded and misled into forgetting why we celebrate the Christmas season. The gift of Christmas is not found beneath a tree, it hung on one, nailed there by his hands and feet.

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