Should a Missional Pastor be a Bi-vocational Pastor?

Zach Nielson believes so. Or at least he sees the benefit.

There have been two different seasons in my life when I have shared the Gospel the most frequently and both of those seasons happened to be when I worked a job outside the church. One was when I was waiting tables as a side gig when I was touring musician in Nashville, and the second one is where I am at now. It’s not hard to figure out. Relationships with unbelievers are structured into my life for 20 hours a week. We live among each other and our lives naturally intersect. Do you have a structure in your life that forces this upon you?

I think he raises a strong question. By working part-time outside of the church, he guarantees interaction with those apart from Christ.

How do you ensure that you’re spending time with unbelievers?

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