Semper Reformada

Anytime you read a book, you should definitely check out the footnotes. It’s been my experience that one often finds incredible insights that otherwise, they would have completely missed. In Why We’re Not Emergent, Kevin DeYoung gives tremendous insight into what it means to be semper reformada or “always reforming.”

As D.A. Carson has pointed out, emerging church leaders, unlike the Reformers, are calling for change because the culture has moved. The Reformers, by contrast, were calling for change because the church had moved away from the Bible. “Reformed and always reforming” was not a motto giving license for continual doctrinal innovation, which is how I’ve heard semper reformada used a hundred times. It was a rallying cry to keep going back to the Scriptures so that by them the church may be reformed and always reforming.

This book is worth your time and energy. Get it here.

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