Help me pick the best Bible for Seminary

This fall, I begin classes in pursuit of finishing my M.Div. at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. While I have an entire bookshelf full of Bibles, I’m trying to decide what Bible I want to get for this season in life.

I’m trying to decide between a handful of editions, but am primarily leaning toward an ESV Journaling Bible or the Cambridge ESV Wide Margin.

I really dig the natural brown leather cover!

All of the journaling Bibles have unique layout to give space for my notes and thoughts.

They even have a moleskin version!


What do you think?

Have you used or seen one of these?


Another option that someone had mentioned in the past, and fortunately, Matthew reminded me of is the Cambridge ESV Wide Margin.

That's got a lot of space!

While it may not look quite as sporty closed, when you open it up, it has a bigger font and still a ton of room for notes.

(Cambridge ESV Wide Margin photos courtesy of Andy)

What do you think?

Should I pull the trigger? Which one? Or should I just use something I already have?


  1. The ESV journaling Bible is a really great Bible. My only complaint is the shape, it is awkward to carry around because it is square. But for taking notes in classes, or even church, it is top of the line. Notes can go right in your Bible for later reference and personal notes can be added during devotional times. I love it.

  2. I actually did not mind the font in the Journaling Bible. But I really like the look of the Cambridge one. It does have a lot of space for notes on the outside. I think either one would be great. Let us know which one you choose and why…

    Good luck with Seminary. I think it might be down the road for me as well.

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