Radical Reformission

I finished reading Mark Driscoll’s Radical Reformission this week, and – similar to my observations of Driscoll’s messages – I found the book to be dead on accurate in describing the new face of ministry in the culture we live in.

I thought this book offered solid teaching, challenging insights, and a wonderful grasp on the theological basis for evangelism in today’s postmodern (how I hate that term!) generation.

Perhaps my favorite aspect of this book was Driscoll’s explanations of why he made some distinctive decisions that were made during the early stages of Mars Hill Church. Perhaps it’s because of late I’ve become a student of church planting methods and histories, but I found these stories endearing, heartfelt, and inspiring.

And with this review (however brief and unintelligible) I would absolutely recommend this book to someone seeking to do what the subtitle explains. Reaching Out Without Selling Out.


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