Preparing for the Apocalypse

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Okay. So perhaps that title could be understood a little differently than I mean it. I’m not preparing for the apocalypse itself (in Christ, I’m already prepared for that), but I’m taking Dr. Paige Patterson’s course – The Theology of the Apocalypse – at Southwestern this Fall semester.

As a primer for the semester, I’ve been watching this fantastic video with Dr. Jim Hamilton (Associate Professor of Biblical Theology at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary), Dr. Sam Storms (Lead Pastor of Preaching and Vision at Bridgeway Church – Oklahoma City, OK), Mr. Douglas Wilson (Douglas Wilson is Pastor of Christ Church – Moscow, ID and Senior Fellow of Theology at New. St Andrews College), and moderated by Dr. John Piper (Pastor for Preaching & Vision at Bethlehem Baptist Church).

Not only is this a conversation ripe with points to consider, but I believe it stands as a wonderful example of how men, deeply committed to Scripture, can disagree in a manner that invites conversation and discussion, rather than inhibits it.


And for those wondering, the required textbooks for the course at Southwestern are:

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