Praying outside the OKC Memorial

On our trip to Oklahoma City, our family walked through the memorial on the site of the OKC Bombing in ’95. Caleb didn’t get it at all, but Micah and Allyson are old enough to understand the 168 chairs representing the lives taken in the tragedy. Ally noticed the smaller chairs representing younger kids.

Just outside the memorial stands this statue of Jesus weeping.

As we stood on this corner, I asked the kids to take a moment and pray for the families that were affected almost 15 years ago – to pray for a city that has worked so hard to rebuild after such loss. I had no idea how much these images would affect me.

Krista grabbed a snapshot of me praying over the city of OKC. My heart breaks for such loss. My heart breaks for the city. My prayer less than an hour before this was that God would give me his eyes in order to see what he sees, so it would break my heart as it breaks his, and my family would serve as his hands and feet to reach out to the broken. I think he heard my prayer.

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