Praying for Mumbai

My parents raised me with the intent that I would have a full sense of the world. While others my age had little sense of the world around them, I was reading national newspapers and watching “Good Morning, America.”

Unfortunately, that wide-view lens that I once looked at the world has narrowed of late, primarily by a complete distaste in the election process – wanting to avoid the pre-election mud-slinging and the post-election apocalyptypical fallout.

This morning was the first I’d heard of the Mumbai attacks. Now, having searched for the information on the internet, I regret not being more aware. My heart is broken. The scenes are terrible.

And so I fall to my knees on this Thanksgiving, and pray to God the Father, through the person of Jesus Christ, by the power of the Holy Spirit for the people and families affected by this attack. May his hand of comfort and purpose lay upon them, drawing them to the only source of real hope and healing.

I pray for those actively participating in stopping this madness. We’ve promoted the heroic status of the NYPD and NYFD from September 11, 2001. These brave men and women are no different.

I pray for those who are pulling triggers, setting fires, and detonating explosives. I pray that Christ in his mercy would draw them to himself and bring them to salvation. I pray that he would bind their hands from hurting another. I pray that their hearts would break and their hate would cease.

Oh, God. I pray for you to make yourself known in this moment.

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