Pastors I Admire – John McGuire

While reading Judge Paul Pressler’s, A Hill on Which to Die, I was struck by a particular paragraph in his chapter titled, My Heroes of the Resurgence:

Pete and Peggy (my note: her name is actually Betty) McGuire faithfully attended SBC meetings throughout the years and longed for the restoration of biblical fidelity in our institutions. Pete has served both as a pastor and as an evangelist. In their son John they instilled their deep love for our Savior. John, a pastor, with his wife Susan have labored long and diligently for the cause of Christ. This family is one of the very best the SBC has to offer. They and others like them were the backbone of the conservatie resurgence. They have ministered primarily in the east Texas area.

John McGuire is my pastor.

… so you can imagine my surprise, and yet, lack of surprise to his his family named in Judge Pressler’s book. I love the McGuire’s, and count Brother John’s friendship as a great treasure.

What pastors do you admire?


  1. How wonderful! And what a blessing the McGuires have been in all our lives. Truly, Bro John has been a wonderful shepherd and a faithful servant of Christ.

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