My Seminary Bible

A few months ago, I asked for help selecting the right Bible for my time in seminary. It took me some time to make my decision (and I wanted to spend some time with her before blogging about it), but I’m thrilled with my choice.

How pretty is that?!

The Moleskine ESV Journaling Bible

Most of the comments on my post asking for your help warned me that the font-size was noticeably small, and that worried me. So when I saw another student carrying around the natural leather cover version, I had to ask him. He admitted that it was a smaller font than most Bibles, but that he had no problems reading it whatsoever.

So when I saw this one in the bookstore on sale (and with an additional 20% for students), I had to jump on it. After all, as an unemployed seminary student, price plays a large role in many decisions.

Plus anyone who knows my fascination with moleskine notebooks knew I would eventually land here.

Even though the font is small.

But it’s only obvious when compared with others. When I’m reading, studying, and making notes, I hardly notice it.

I've spent a little time in Galatians.

This little Bible doesn’t take up the room in my backpack that my ESV Study Bible does. It has a hardcover, so I can trust that it will hold up better than a duo-tone, or leather-bound Bible would. It’s easy to pull out of my backpack, grab my highlighter, and get to the text I’m looking at.

And it’s got plenty of space for me to gather write down what God is teaching me during this season.

And that’s all that I was looking for in my seminary Bible.

What Bible are you currently using?

UPDATE 8/29/12: Crossway has just released a single-column ESV Journaling Bible that looks awesome. Consider this your opportunity to bless seminary student and send one my way.


  1. What do you use for your personal Bible? ESV Study? Just asking since you seem to make the distinction that this is your “Seminary” Bible.

    Does it being your “Seminary Bible” make it holier than your other ones? or more academic? *Sarcasm*

    1. I tend to keep my ESV Study Bible in my office. It’s too heavy to tote around in my bag.

      I tend to purchase Bibles for seasons. So, by terming this my “Seminary Bible,” I mean that this is my primary Bible (for daily reading and study) for this season in life. I envision using another Bible altogether for preaching.

  2. That is awesome David! I purchase bibles because I have a fixation with them. It’s been a while since I got one, in print edition that is, so I’m due. Any other translations available in that?

  3. I really like that. Thanks for sharing. I think I may purchase this one for my daily reading.

    I am currently using Every Man’s NLT.

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