My Own Version of…

It’s funny. If you spend enough time in vocational ministry, you come to both dread and expect long meetings. Just this week, several of my friends have either blogged or twittered (tweeted?) about boring staff meetings.

Today, I experienced my own version of “a day of meetings.” While others may dread these times (and honestly, I have before), I loved today. I enjoyed calling several pastors before lunch and catching up with them personally, gathering wisdom, and seeking insight from them.

Then, I ate lunch with another pastor. There’s nothing better than good theological, ecclesiological discussion over chinese food. Okay, I can think of one thing, but that’s another blog post.

After lunch, I went to Starbucks for some coffee and Scripture study where God really spoke to me personally from Job 10-12. But as I pulled into the parking lot, I was able to speak with another pastor (my home-church pastor) who is recovering from some major surgery. It’s so good to hear what God is doing in his life. I only hope to be full of that my love and joy at that age. (Of course, I wish I were that way now too!)

I picked up Micah from school, went home for a family meeting with my kids, with my wife, and finally took another phone call from another pastor. His insight was extremely helpful in regards to some specific issues.

I’m not sure that it is in any way similar to my ministry friends’ day of meetings, but I certainly enjoyed my own version of it.

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