my epiphany

This weekend I had an epiphany. It may seem simple, but the results of this epiphany are quite profound to me. It may, in fact, be quite obvious to you and now you feel someone less of me because I am just now having this realization. Or now that I think about it, I’ve known this. I’m just coming back to it and re-realizing it’s implications.

Are you ready?

Every “no” is simply a “yes” to something else.

That means that every unanswered prayer (or more true-to-life), every prayer answered “no,” is by it’s very nature, God saying “yes” to something else. Every lost opportunity is the Sovereign God of the universe’s method of steering you in a new direction. Every failure is God’s way of either strengthening you to try again, or his push to try something new.

That means that failure is no longer a step backward! Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a step forward either. It’s a change of direction!

Now, if there was just a way to soften the blow of “no” so that changing directions could be a little easier and less painful…

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