Living in the Light of the Conservative Resurgence

[This is the fifth of five posts reflecting on my experience at the Southern Baptist Convention in New Orleans, LA in 2012. For more information, or to see the other posts in this series, click here.]

Despite the excitement of the business sessions of the convention (and I happen to be the particular brand of person who enjoyed each session), my favorite moments in New Orleans came around them. I had the opportunity to share a hotel room with my pastor – one of the men of whom stories are told. He was one of the many who slept in their car for lack of hotel funds during the Conservative Resurgence. He was one of the many who would pack a lunch and stay at each convention from the opening wrap of the gavel until the final amen. He told stories of what the conventions were like during those years. He encouraged my participation in the convention and charged me with the task of living in the light of the Conservative Resurgence.

I was humbled that he would spend that time with me. I was honored to meet others who had similar stories, and in doing so, I was reminded of the great heritage we have as Southern Baptists. I was reminded that I am the beneficiary of the sacrifices they made in order to restore the convention to the inerrant Word of God. I pray that my generation will live in that light and never take it for granted.

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