Live From the Ministry 2.0 Workshop

The great guys over at Ministry 2.0 are coming to Austin next week where they’ll be putting on a workshop helping ministers and leaders at various stages in the journey, learn how to better use technology in ministry. In the time that we live in, the internet is the technological advancement that is already helping bring the Gospel to those who would never hear it otherwise.

You’re probably already aware that today is the last day to register and receive the early bird discount. But did you also know that they passed on an additional 10% off coupon to readers of ChurchCrunch?

And, to sweeten the pot just a little, did you know that I’m live-blogging the whole thing right here at Be sure to follow me on twitter here and Ministry 2.0 here. The general twitter hashtag for the workshop is #ministry2. Join me next weekend in Austin either in person, or right here.

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