Lessons from a Mormon Run-in: Plain Speak

Perhaps one of the most concerning things about my conversation with the Mormon missionaries was that so much of what they said sounded right, but wasn’t right. They used a lot of the same words as my Bible, but if you don’t know what to look for (and you don’t have a firm grasp on your theology), it would be easy to be led astray.

Sadly, this easily explains the vast numbers of misled and misguided Christians leaving the Church and joining the Latter Day Saints.

And this stirs a number of emotions for me, but mostly:

  • It breaks my heart to know how many sheep have left the flock and chosen another god and another gospel.
  • But it primarily pisses me off that we as pastors are doing this lousy of a job teaching, instructing, and preaching the Word of God! Most misguided Christians aren’t leaving for what they consider to be an altogether different faith, but more like a denominational jump. We are failing to instill proper theology and doctrine in our people, and as a result their destruction is on our hands. We feel the need to use words no one understands and fail to explain them. So when someone else follows us using the same word, but explains it simply (and improperly) our people don’t know the difference.

We must teach God’s Word well. The cost of our failure is too high.

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