Lessons from a Mormon Run-in: Disrespect and Arrogance

I’m sure these guys weren’t expecting my knowledge not only of my faith, but of theirs as well. Now, I admit that I’ve never read The Book of Mormon (though I do admit to throwing them away when I stay in a hotel). But my knowledge of it stems from multiple sources including Dare2Share Ministries and The Great American Bathroom Book.

I asked multiple questions, because as a pastor I know that I will constantly be answering the “what’s the difference?” question and I was seeking for more information. But the more questions I answered, and the more blatant contradictions with the Old and New Testament I offered, I was asked if I’ve ever read my Bible or how it came to be?!

My first reaction was to regret that I vowed to never punch a Mormon (Relax. It’s a joke…mostly).

My second was to just be completely turned off to anything he was saying. I actually told him to shut up so I could hear the little one who was actually being polite and respectful.

Anyway, this led me (upon reflection and reconsideration of my vow) to wonder:

  • How often do we come across rude and disrespectful when we’re sharing the Gospel?
  • How many times does our arrogance give someone reason enough to discredit Christianity?

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