Leadership Lessons from Aaron Part 3

As we look at Aaron’s role in Israel, specifically in the final chapters of Exodus, one other thing strikes me as interesting. If we are responsible for carrying the burden of our church (our people) across our shoulders into the presence of God, and we must always keep the reality of who God is in the forefront of our minds, then we also must accept responsibility when mistakes occur.

After receiving instruction written by the hand of God, Moses comes down from the mountain and, in a rage (and I’m already planning some posts regarding Moses’ little rage blackouts), demands an explanation as to why God’s chosen people are dancing around, celebrating and worship a golden statue. And, as a typical leader, Aaron stood and blamed the people and the fire. “They gave me the gold, we threw it into the fire, and this calf came out of the fire.”

The world is full of leaders who shirk responsibility and deflect blame in each and every situation. But that’s certainly not our role. We carry the burden of leadership. That means that when the situation moves in the wrong direction, it’s our responsibility to reroute it. We must look in the mirror and understand that our leadership (or lack thereof) is the shaping mechanism for the health and direction of those we lead.

If I’m honest, I do this all the time. If my kids would behave, then I wouldn’t… If my house were clean, then I’d never… If he wouldn’t have cut me off in traffic…

In what areas do most often pass the blame? What areas are more natural for you to accept responsibility?

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