Leaders who Last

I’m admittedly one of the few pastors in my generation that squirms at the very mention of leadership – not because I don’t agree that it has a place in ministry or in the church, but because I’ve experienced several churches who teach and explore leadership more than the Gospel. Leadership is a huge issue, but I’m terrified of pastors who, instead of referring to their churches, refer to their “organization.” Because of that, I’ve read a handful of “leadership” books, but spend much more time and effort reading through books more specific to the pastorate.

With that preface, I absolutely loved Leaders who Last by Dave Kraft.  I expected a tome when I ordered it.  I’m not sure why, but I was completely shocked to receive a 150 page, large font book in the mail.  That disappointment completely faded as I began to read the content of this book.

This book is leadership gold.

I love that this book is clearly the result of decades of wisdom and experience thought out by someone pursuing Christ in his life.  It reads very easily – as though you were sitting across the table from the author as he coaches you in ministry.  I’ve already begun to put some of the point into practice, and am already beginning to see the fruits thereof.

If you’re in the pastorate, in ministry at all, even if you volunteer at your church in some capacity – this book is worth your time.  Take the next step in your leadership development and read it.  You won’t regret it.

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